Dmitri Burton
Dmitri Burton
Contestant Profile
Hometown Cody, WY
Occupation Plumber

Survivor: Indonesia

Tribes Agung

Dmitri Burton is a contestant from Survivor: Indonesia.


Dmitri is a 28-year-old Plumber from Cody, Wyoming. He is proud of his Native American heritage, and enjoys hunting, camping, fishing, and hiking in his spare time. He is a self-professed control freak and perfectionist, and although he doesn’t always mean to, he knows he can come off as blunt and unapproachable at times, something that he hopes won’t hinder him too much during the game.

Dmitri’s father was born on a Native American reserve, while his mother’s parents were from Austria, making him Métis by definition. Dmitri was born in the city of Cheyenne, Wyoming, although when Dmitri was 10-years-old, his mother received a job transfer, and the family moved to the smaller city of Cody, Wyoming. He was an only-child and recalls always having some difficulty making friends as he grew up. Although Dmitri was never “popular,” he is close to the few friends he does have. The sole reason Dmitri is on Survivor is for the money, and he hopes that his work ethic, his strength in challenges, and his strategic game will carry him to the end and the million dollars.

Survivor: Indonesia

Voting History

Deanna's Voting History
Episode Dmitri's
Voted Against
1 ABC Tribe Immune
2 Castaway A Castaway B, Castaway C, Castaway D



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