Warren Reyes
Warren Reyes
Contestant Profile
Hometown Dallas, TX
Occupation Psychiatrist

Survivor: Indonesia

Tribes Agung

Warren Reyes is a contestant from Survivor: Indonesia.


Warren Reyes is a 43-year-old Psychiatrist from Dallas, Texas. He has always been a family man, with a passion for helping people, especially those that suffer from behavioural disorders as his brother has Borderline Personality Disorder, which centres on the inability to manage emotions effectively. Warren has always been a very social and caring person through his life, is proud of his ability to foster lasting friendships. Warren really enjoys most thrill-seeking activities that give you an adrenaline rush such as sky diving and zip-lining, and he prides himself on his workout routine that has kept him in great shape well into his 40s. Though he makes a decent living as a Psychiatrist, he admits that it is a stressful job, which is part of the reason he chose to apply to be on Survivor. Warren is excited for the thrill and the adventure of playing the game, as well as the opportunity to just get away for a while and meet some new people. In addition to the experience however, Warren would love to win the million dollars for his family, and believes that his ability to forge friendships, as well as his intelligence would help him greatly in the game, especially when it comes to the Final Tribal Council. Although it would not be his goal to back-stab and lie, if he feels a move has to be made, he won’t be afraid to make it to advance his game. Warren currently lives with his wife, Jesusita, and two children, Carlos and Emma.

Survivor: Indonesia

Voting History

Warren's Voting History
Episode Warren's
Voted Against
1 ABC Tribe Immune
2 Castaway A Castaway B, Castaway C, Castaway D



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